Excerpt from Divided Desire: Chapter 6 - The Realities of Desire

Divine Agenda

This last Reality for Desire is the most important of them all. It is the antithesis of “Social(ism) Media: Propaganda in Entertainment and Information”, the last Reality of the Age mentioned in Chapter 3.

Propaganda and propagandists use subtlety and force to bring change. They hide original intentions. There are always ulterior motives involved with propaganda, and these motives are bound up with the divided desires of the propagandists. Isn’t this precisely the way Hitler’s propaganda worked when he fooled the masses to support the slaughter of millions of Jewish people? And who knew that Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in “After the Ball – How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s” were bent on changing America’s view on homosexuality? The great deception that is much of propagandist mass media works to divide the desires of the human heart.

Divine Agenda is different.

The only similarity between the two opposites is that both of them seek to convert people. Divine Agenda, unlike human propaganda, seeks to set the human heart and mind free, wooing it by love. Divine Agenda is overt – so open that the whole world knows it. It does not have to be doubted, but can be safely trusted, because it is based on true love. So, what is exactly is this last Reality for Desire, Divine Agenda?

Let me use the very words of the Bible in describing it. This is Divine Agenda summed up:
“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16 (HCSB)
If I were to number the points of this Divine Agenda as a point for point antithesis to the homosexuality propaganda of Kirk and Madsen – Desensitizing, Jamming, Conversion[1] – it would go something like this.
  1. Sensitizing the World: It is God’s agenda for the whole world to be sensitized about who we are, who God is, and how we can be in a relationship with Him. We cannot know how, unless we have been sensitized. That’s why God sent Jesus: for us to know. That’s why we have the Bible: for us to know. When we have been sensitized to the truth of God’s plan, it comes as a shock to the human heart and mind. It is something that goes against the expected religious norm, until, that is, we begin to realize what it is based on.
  2. Wooing Each One: Unlike Jamming, which involves forcing a compromised response because of herd mentality behavior, God’s plan involves eliciting responses from individuals, by wooing each of us by love, calling us by name. His is akin to the gentle wooing of a lover, not the brute force of a rapist. Because He loved the world, and the individuals in the world, He gave Jesus. But why…?
  3. Converting the Heart: …So that whoever believes on Him would be granted eternal life. Eternal life is part of the Divine Agenda, eternal death part of propaganda. However, in order to gain eternal life, God does not use a “planned psychological attack”[2]. He woos us in love, but we must believe for ourselves. We must believe that He loves us, and that the price He paid by dying for us on the cross is sufficient to set us free from sin when we do believe on Him. 
Only when we believe does Divine Agenda work as a Reality for Desire that helps us make the God connection – a connection made possible only through one channel – Jesus Christ, God’s Son sent to establish the lost connection between God and man.

Copyright, 2013, Kenny Damara. This article is an excerpt from the book Divided Desire.

[1] Marshall K. Kirk and Hunter Madsen. After the Ball - How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90’s. Penguin Books, 1989 pp. 147-157.

[2] Ibid.

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