Monday, March 20, 2017

Question: Is Jesus the only hope for humanity?

Why is Jesus alone qualified to be the one who truly gives hope to humanity? What sets Him apart as the only source of hope in a hopeless world?

Jesus alone is qualified to give you hope because He experienced and defeated the most hopeless of all human conditions, death itself. When He was crucified, Jesus died to pay for the sins of all those who would believe in Him. When He rose from the dead, Jesus validated this payment. Jesus’ rising from the dead, showing His power over death, the most hopeless of all human experiences, makes Him the only one qualified to give you hope. No one else qualifies in this way. When Jesus defeated death, He birthed a new hope into the world: a hope that defines your life today, giving you meaning and purpose; a hope that lasts beyond this life, extending into a joyful existence with God after you die. If Jesus didn’t come back from the dead, we would be hopeless forever, ignorant of the life available to us beyond the grave. But the fact is, Jesus came back from the dead, and has given us the light of the knowledge of life beyond the grave.

Are you hopeless today? Jesus is your hope. You can know Him today.

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