The Greatest Selling Book in History

There are many adjectives we can use to describe great books that have sold across history. Book critics and others who endorse books are often good at giving adulation to the contents of a book and the quality of the author. I’d like for you to think however, of what book you know that can be described without exaggeration, using all the following adjectives?

What book is beautiful and brilliant? What book is eternal and unchanging, yet easy and understandable in its central theme? What book offers content that in a reader’s experience is both powerful and pleasant? What book is unashamedly radical in its demands, yet at the same time unquestionably relevant in its claims? What book can make the claim to be both living and life giving? What book exits that is altogether truthful and transformative in the experience of the reader? Lastly, of what book can it be said that its contents are the mind and heart of God revealed to the mind and heart of man, to bring us into a love relationship with God, and so that we may learn how to love each other in a hopeless world?Many books have come and gone. None however, can claim all the above qualities, except the Bible. Voltaire wagered that one hundred years from his death there would be no Bible in all the earth except one that is found in a museum. A little over one hundred years from his death, the Evangelical Society of Geneva used Voltaire’s house in Geneva to print, distribute, and store Bibles. Mao Zedong tried to extinguish the flame of the Bible by burning and destroying every trace of it in China. Today, the fasting growing church in the world is in China, with the people of China hungering to know the Bible, and its Divine Author.

The Bible remains the greatest selling book in the history of mankind. Even secular, new age websites (such as the website from which the above image is taken - know this to be the case. But why the great desire to read the Bible even today? Well, because it has brought change, transformation, and peace to billions of readers through the ages. Most of all, being the Word of God, it has brought people into relationship with the God of the Word. Have you ever read the Bible? Why not try it, test and scrutinize its claims, and see how your life will be transformed? You may just find that this is the knowledge you need in a world in which you and I are inundated with information. Try reading for example, the Gospel of John in the New Testament. Read and see if this Jesus Christ is who He really claims to be. Does He really change the lives of His followers as they claim? Check it out for yourself. Read the Bible. Perhaps it is through daring to read this book that you will finally find what you have been searching for, or who you have been searching for, all your life.

Kenny Damara, © 2016

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